Welcome, Dream Job

Flynn Life Sciences Group – Direct Hire Division offers personal but highly professional permanent job placement services to each of our candidates.

For candidates, we will become your personal career consultants. Our experienced recruiters will get to know you (really know you). We are aware of your professional status. We will respect your position by ardently striving to consistently provide a first-class professional service. We will help you determine your career goals. Then we will help you obtain the right position in the life sciences field.

Passion makes us unique. We believe choosing which position to take or making a career change is a deeply passionate decision.

Why does passion matter to you (or to us)? Because finding a job is one of the most important decisions you will make. We understand that finding the right permanent job is a process, and there are different motivations that drive each candidate. We will work with our candidates to get an in depth picture of exactly what is being targeted in his or her job search. We will then actively work to screen out potential positions to be sure that they align with the candidates’ goals.

We are not going to try to fit a “square peg into a round hole”. You need a recruiter who not only understands you but is as passionate about finding you the right position as you are. It means we will really listen to you, not just say we do. Executive recruiters and permanent job placement firms can say all the right things; however, sometimes in their haste to fill a position they don’t do the right thing. That takes passion and a commitment to the candidate’s best interests.

Flynn Life Sciences Group also has a contract, consulting and temporary division that can assist with those types of positions as well.