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Dream Jobs Are A Reality.

Flynn Life Sciences Group's Direct Hire Division offers personal but highly professional permanent job placement services to each of our candidates.

Finding a job is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. We understand that finding the right permanent job is a process and that there are different motivations that drive each candidate. We work with our candidates to get an in-depth picture of exactly what is being targeted in his or her job search. We'll then actively work to screen out potential positions to be sure that they align with the candidate's goals.

You need a recruiter who not only understands you but is as passionate as you are about finding the right position.


Many executive recruiters and permanent job placement firms rush to fill a position just to get it off of their books. At Flynn Life Sciences Group, we're passionately committed to the candidate’s best interests.

Flynn Life Sciences Group has Contract, Consulting and Temporary Divisions to serve the needs of all candidates.

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