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Clinical Trials, Data Collection & Data Analysis.

Foundational to our clients' success in Life Sciences is a well planned clinical trials approach, flawless data collection and data analysis. These functions are time and resource consuming – a critical problem when everyone is concerned with both lowering costs and increasing momentum. 


This is where an “FSP” (Functional Service Provider) solution offers tremendous value.


An FSP is simply a company that is contracted to do a certain job for another organization.


FSP is not the same as full outsourcing, where the pharmaceutical company gives up control over the majority of the clinical trial. They merely receive the data after the trial is complete from their CRO. A Functional Service Provider allows the organization to outsource the functional aspects of the job while retaining control of the job and the data.

Due to the time-consuming and expensive nature of clinical trials and the peaks and valleys caused in the workload, FSP solutions provide enormous value. Pharma companies should not be staffed with full time employees at maximum workload but rather at base workload level and address the peaks with expert resources through an FSP. This allows fixed costs to be converted into variable costs without sacrificing quality or relinquishing control.

Focus on Core Business Processes

Hiring an FSP allows for on track advancement of other core work while still reaping the benefits of the clinical trial.


Lower Operational Costs

Our clients only pay for the specific clinical services we’re hired for. The resources and their cost go away once the project is complete.


Improved Quality

Functional service providers benefit you with their expertise in the field for which you are hiring them. This improves the quality of the work in itself. Outsourcing the time-consuming aspects of the trial to the right partner improves the quality of the trial, analysis, and core operations of your business.

Gain Services with a Relevant Expertise

Efficiency is gained by hiring clinical service experts, data processors, analysts, and more that you may not already have access to. This relevant expertise ensures the quality and efficacy of your trial, leading to a better clinical outcome.


Retain Control of Your Data

As opposed to fully outsourcing a clinical trial, hiring a functional service provider allows you to retain control of the study. This retained oversight means that you are still involved in the execution and operation of the study.


Contact us to discuss how we customize solutions to help you meet your important deadlines.

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