Dana Faber Cancer Institute. Cancer has touched the lives of everyone here at Flynn LSG and we feel the strong sense of responsibility to help towards a cure for this terrible disease.

We also have a tight and personal connection to the Shwachman Diamond Syndrome Foundation (SDS). Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome Foundation is a national, not for profit, patient advocacy organization. Their goals are to advocate and fund research towards improved treatment and a cure.

We also donate time to various other Non-Profit organizations, such as Toys for Tots and the American Cancer Society. We feel very fortunate to have the ability to donate to these wonderful causes and to be able to help families in need.

Flynn Life Sciences Group is also committed to supporting our Veterans, Soldiers, Active Duty Reservists and their family members in finding meaningful employment. We participate in the Private Public Partnership (P3) which supports our heroes and their family across all branches of our military by providing employment opportunities, training for career development, certification opportunities and other relevant tools to assist during a transition back into the civilian sector. P3 has 43 support representatives located around the USA providing local support and organizing hiring events. The program provides subject matter expertise around medical, healthcare, human resources, law enforcement, public affairs, education and logistics among other areas of specialty. P3 also has a liaison with the US Chamber of Commerce as part of the “Hiring our Heroes” veteran employment program across the country.


Flynn Life Sciences Group is proud to be a participating partner involved with uncovering career opportunities for our heroes. To learn more about the Hiring our Heroes program visit hiringourheroes.org.


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