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Pharma 2020 From Vision to Decision

About the Pharma 2020 series

The Pharmaceutical industry's long successful strategy of placing big bets on a few molecules, promoting them heavily and turning them into blockbusters worked well for many years, but its R&D productivity has now plummeted and the environment’s changing. PwC believes that seven major trends are reshaping the marketplace:

Instances of chronic disease are increasing, placing even greater pressure on already stretched healthcare budgets

Healthcare policy-makers and payers are increasingly mandating what doctors can prescribe

A growing number of healthcare payers are measuring the pharmacoeconomic performance of different medicines. A widespread use of electronic medical records will give them the data they need to insist on outcomes-based pricing

Boundaries between different forms of healthcare are blurring, as clinical advances render previously fatal diseases chronic and the self-medication sector expands

Demand for medicines is growing more rapidly in the emerging economies than the industrialized economies

Governments are beginning to focus on prevention rather than treatment, although they have not yet invested very much in pre-emptive measures; and

Regulators are becoming more cautious about approving truly innovative medicines.

These trends will compound the challenges Pharma already faces, but they’ll also provide some major opportunities.

"It was the best of the times, it was the worst of times..."



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