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What Office Culture Fits Your Company?

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

February 2018

Where does your company stand? Do you prefer a millennial or more seasoned and experienced person in their work history? Both have positive and negative attributes, so what are your company’s core values, expectations and future goals? Can you reach the next level of competitiveness in your field and stand out above the rest?

These all need to be considered before making a hiring decision that could change the face of your company….for better or worse.

The hiring and recruiting field has its work cut out for us these days due to high numbers of job seekers in spite of the fact that unemployment is at an all-time low. With companies looking toward their growth and maximizing production, output and profitability it may be hard to put your faith in the hands of a millennial with 4 years of job experience between multiple companies. You may want to lean toward the candidate that is a veteran in their respective field with a proven track record of reliability and experience under their belt.

However, taking all things into consideration a fresh set of eyes may be exactly what’s needed to project your company to the next level depending on your goals. Open minds, new ways of thinking and lack of fear (which so many millennial’s seem to possess) have a way of bringing about new innovative thinking and productivity. With new technology applications being taught to the younger generation and the ever changing and growing field of life sciences this could be vital.

No matter the focus of your operations, you can be as diverse in your own staffing as you want. Creating an environment that blends experience with applied knowledge and leading edge thinking methods will move your company to the top of your field. Address your company needs and strategies, apply them and follow thru.

Most importantly keep learning along the way and have an open mind.

Written By: Keri Forte



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