Your contract consulting services agency

At Flynn Life Sciences Group – We’re interested in establishing a meaningful, productive, and long-term relationship with you and your organization.

Let us be your contract and direct hire staffing resource. We pride ourselves on taking the time to understand your unique needs and staffing challenges. We care enough to learn all we can about each company we work with and the corporate culture. We know how important it is to have the right person for each position and also understand the importance of finding that person expeditiously.

We differ from other staffing services because we understand business strategy. First we possess the ability to see ahead in terms of industry trends and the moves you might need to make. Second, we help you see opportunities. It’s one thing to see ahead , but it’s another to know what to do with that knowledge. We do, and you will be the beneficiary.

We can see ahead and understand your changing needs. This allows us to help you make the right personal decision.

At Flynn Life Sciences Group – We will listen to you, communicate our vision based on your needs, and then communicate options available to you. Communication is a vital part of any relationship. Our recruiters are highly experienced within the life sciences field. We utilize a proven process of actively sourcing candidates directly from your competitors to identify and establish relationships with the top talent in the industry. We have an extensive network; which we will utilize and then screen to ensure only the most suitable candidates are submitted for your consideration. At the conclusion of this process we help you present and negotiate the offer. We strive to establish a mutually beneficial relationship in order to serve your immediate needs and long-term objectives.